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Announcements 2012

These silent and slow executions must not remain silent!

On June 20, 2012 we invite you to join us fight for the lives of political prisoners in Iran by being their voice.

These silent and slow executions must not remain silent!

We strongly urge all human rights organizations and freedom loving people, to bring to light these silent, cruel, slow executions and help save these prisoners lives.

please see the following reports:


Grave condition of Mr. Saleh Kohandawn in Rajai-Shahr Prison

According to a report received by CFPPI Mr. Saleh Kohandawn, who suffers from intestinal bleeding, high blood platelets and suspected of having lymphatic cancer, was finally sent to a hospital in June 2012. They quickly returned him to prison without completing the required laboratory testing. It was reported that during his brief stay at the hospital, Mr. kohandawn’s feet were shackled to bed. When both he and his family objected as shackles are usually used for common criminals and not for political prisoners; they were met with most abusive language and were ridiculed.

Upon his return to the prison, Mr. Kohandawn was ordered to fully undress for a body search, which he tried to resist even in his grave condition. He was then forcefully undressed by the guards and given a full body/cavity search. Realizing that his trips to the hospital will always be followed by this humiliating painful body search, he has since stopped seeking any medical attention.

Mr. Kohandawn’s situation is extremely worrisome for human rights organizations.

Refusing prisoners proper medical care and subjecting them to threats and physical abuse in exchange for the most basic medial treatment has always been a form of torture used by the Iranian officials. However, in recent years the use of this particular torture has become even more widespread and consistent.

We would like to bring the inhumane and cruel deprivation of medical care in Rajai-Sahr prison to the attention of the international and human rights communities. We hope to stop this abuse by putting the Iranian regime under international scrutiny. As such, it’s important to be the voice of these political prisoners on June 20th; International Day in Support of Political Prisoners in Iran.


The Silent Murders in Rajai-Shahr Prison in Iran

Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran, has received a report that Mr. Mansoor Rodpour died on the evening of May 21, 2012 in Rajai-Shahr prison in Iran.

Political prisoner, Mansoor Rodpour was kept in division 4 section 12 of Rajai-Shahr prison when he died of a stroke. Mr. Rodpour had been suffering from kidney and heart problems along with diabetes and had asked prison authorities repeatedly for medical attention. His cries for help were not taken seriously by those in charge of the prison, although he was once sent to a facility which was most obviously not equipped in dealing with such medical issues. Although Mr. Rodpour had initially been sentenced to 3 years in prison, at the time of his death he had languished in prison for 5 years. This is because near the end of his sentence the officials tampered with the details of his file in order to keep him in prison, perhaps indefinitely. As a result Mr. Rodpour suffered from the most severe form of depression. Furthermore, his repeated pleas for permission for a visit by his toddler daughter were swiftly denied. He died alone in a solitary cell after 5 years of being purposefully refused even the most basic medical treatment.

In the past, anytime the Islamic Regime in Iran has announced executions of its political prisoners, it has faced serious international outcries. As such, the regime has devised this new method of killing its political prisoners silently and slowly by denying them medical care and by further cutting off any access to prisoners from the outside.

Presently, section 12 of Rajai-Shahr prison is crowded with political prisoners who are in grave condition and in need of immediate medical attention which they will surely not receive. Among these prisoners, to name just a few are: Abrahim Babai-Tavakoli (Baha’i), Mashala Hayeri, Mishaq Yazdanejad, Saleh Kohande and thirty more just in this particular section. It was also reported that Mr. Mohsen Dokmechi, who suffered from terminal cancer, also lost his life in Rajai-Shahr prison after 3 months of grave mistreatment and absolute lack of medical care.

May 30, 2012

A report from Rajai-Shahr Prison Section 12

According to a report obtained by Campaign to Free Political Prisoner in Iran (CFPPI), the political prisoners in Section 12 of Rajai-Shahr prison are suffering from grave medical ailments.

Although prisoners of this section are afflicted with agonizing kidney, skin and prostate problems, they are never cared for by qualified physicians. Furthermore, the pharmacy of the facility refuses to dispense medicine to political prisoners. These prisoners are told that they can have their medicine brought to them by their families, but at the same time the authorities heavily threaten the family members and stop them from bringing the medications.

Ahmed Ramzan-Kamel, a Kurdistan Workers Party member, has a severe infection in his arm which has now damaged the bone. As a result, he is in constant excruciating pain and in need of immediate surgery. Denial of urgent medical care is a new way of administrating torture to political dissidents. Mr. Riazallah Sultani, who is in prison for his affiliation with a university, suffers from major depression and digestive disorders. As such he has lost a tremendous amount of weight and walks with great difficulty.

Mistreatment of the families of political prisoners

The regime tries to make life unmanageable for political prisoners and their families in every way possible. For example visitation day for section 12 is on Thursdays. The prison authorities see to it that the visitors are kept waiting at least 3-4 hours at which time they are led through a dark, dingy and horrifying narrow corridor, almost one Kilometer long until they reach the visitation room. There they can visit for a short time.

We would like to bring such atrocities to the attention of international authorities so the voices of these ill prisoners and their families will not be silenced. We strongly urge all human rights organizations and freedom loving people, to bring to light these silent, cruel, slow executions and help save these prisoners lives.

Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran(CFPPI)

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