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Iran: Lately 150 Dealing Drug Websites Recognized and exterminated

Iran’s Center for Combating Narcotics official announced during World Day against Drugs anniversary that 506 tons of various drug seized, and at least 150 websites which involved with drug dealing recognized and the trafficking groups shattered in 2014

According to the governmental news agency Fars report, more than 2.200 operations were carried out combating against drug dealers by Iran’s Center for Combating Narcotics that at least 506 tons drug including 13.5 tons Heroin and 12.5 tons Morphine Seized and destroyed regarding to the reports

Officials have also scrunched more than 2.770 trafficker groups and more than 330 laboratories known “kitchen” (in Persian Ashpazkhaneh) where has allegedly breed “crystal meth” (methamphetamine) closed as officials claimed

So far, the reports in 2015 cited that more than 305 tons drug including nine tons Heroin seized in the first six months in the year and at least 685 operations carried out during April, May and June in 2015 that totally 150 tons drug including two million unallowable tablets, syringes and injection drugs and 17 million tons precursors of drug confiscated by officials

Moreover, officials have also arrested more than 66 thousands and seized 191 combat equipment according to the news received by BCR Group

“Iran lies directly in the path of the world’s largest flow of heroin. Finished heroin, partially refined heroin in the form of morphine or raw opium leave Afghanistan and enter Iran — an estimated 140 metric tons a year of it. Only about 23 percent of it is seized each year, or 32 mt. Most of the remainder enters Turkey and then travels through the Balkans on its way to Europe. As of 2008, half of the world’s seizures of heroin occurred in either Turkey or Iran” Narconon Drug Information Department said

UN: 852 people were reportedly condemned to death penalty in the Islamic Republic between 2013-2014, whereas, Iran says that 93 percent of executions is for drug-related crimes



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20 june 2017

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